Under the slogan „We make things move!“, “sportler 4 a childrens world“ and „Die Arche“ are going to express their mutual friendship to a very special extent. “Arche” and “sportler 4 a childrens world” succeeded in converting the company Reno to act as main sponsor and name giver of the run, which is therefore going to be named “Reno Charity Run 2015″. The run will take place under the patronage of the actor Erdogan Atalay (well-known for the TV-serial „Alarm für Cobra 11” on RTL).

Peace and charity runner John McGurk as well as the founder of the “Arche”, Bernd Siggelkow, have been launching the subject of poverty stricken children in Germany and beyond. John McGurk and histeam have been supporting theArche” for many years now by giving part of their charity runs’ receipts to the childrens’ aid organization. In their facilities, the “Arche” offers children a warm healthy meal for free every day, help with their homework for school, meaningful leisure activities such as sports and music, and above all: a great deal of attention. Additionally, the “Arche” regularly points to the deficits of our society in order to put children increasingly in the focus of public attention again.

On 21 April 2015, John McGurk and his team are going to set off from the “Arche” in Munich to a 2015 kilometers run, passing the association’s sites in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Göttingen, Leipzig, Dresden, Potsdam and ending in Berlin-Hellersdorf on 4 May. On his way, John McGurkwell-known as the runner in a kiltis going to collect donations for this project. It will take John and his team 14 days and 14 nights to manage the planned distance.

Not only the enormous distance across Germany to be covered by the runners in 2015 make this project a special one, but also the fact, that theArche” is going to celebrate their 20th anniversary next year.20 years of advice and support for children and teenagers in order to make them face the future with self-confidence and values, to realize their dreams and to accomplish their career aspirations. The “Arche” spares no effort to help children develop into a precious and active part of our society, full of the joys of life. And John McGurk does everything imaginable to help us continue fulfilling this task.

The numerous sites ofthe “Arche” are going to warmly welcome the charity runners and their supporters in 2015 and give them all that much strength for their project.

“We make things move!”