Our guiding principle

Our motto is: Children give wings

Children are our future.
Children need our help.
Children have rights.

100% commitment to children

We are committed to helping poverty stricken children in Germany and throughout the world. All donations – 100% – are handed down directly to our project partner. We do not retain one single cent for administration costs.

Essential children’s rights

The following children’s rights are considered essential:

  • Right to non-violent education (for example: according to German law garantueed sub-constitutionally in § 1631 Abs. 2 BGB)
  • Protection against exploitation
  • Right to education/literacy
  • Right to free development of the individual ( for example: according to German law garantueed on a sub-constitutional level in § 1 SGB VIII)
  • Rights to the protection of the family
  • Right to state support in case of educational problems
  • Right to participate in decisions concerning the family
  • Right to welfare/social security
  • Right to nutrition
  • Right to freedom of expression
  • Right to protection against physical, psychic or sexual violence
  • Right to company and friends of all sorts
  • Right to school, apprenticeship and independence
  • Right to possession
  • Right to freedom

Our statute

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