Friends from Germany and Great Britain
run together for abused and socially deprived children in Scotland

Sportler 4 a childrens world e. V.
Children 1st (Scotland´s National Children´s Charity)
Patron David McAllister (Member of the European Parliament)
Patroness Laura Muir (Scottisch middle distance runner)

54 years ago John McGurk, chairman of Sportler 4 a childrens world e.V., was in Glasgow and lived under poor circumstances. This led him to being sent to a childrens home. But he will never forget the physical beatings suffered at the hands of the very man who was supposed to be looking after him. Physically abused and sincerely traumatised, his childhood died before it ever got started.

24 years ago, John reached a key moment in his life. He decided that he would from then on help disadvantaged children and dedicate his life to social commitment. Since then, he has mounted numerous projects. In 2009 he realized that there is so many children needing help, so he founded the Registered Association „Sportler 4 a childrens world“ in order to advance his work, and has allocated donations in the amount of over one million euros for needy children throughout the world.

To the present day, a vast number of projects for charity and peace have been successfully completed. When we (John and his friends) learnt that 33% of all children in Glasgow / Scotland live on, or even below the breadline, it was obvious to us that we and our partners and friends in Germany and Great Britain would stand up and run for these children.

Every third child in Glasgow is poverty-stricken, physical abuse and drug abuse is almost an everyday experience for these unfortunate children. Not only might these children lose their childhood, but there might also be no chance to achieve a safe and dignified future. We, as ambassadors and as persons concerned want to join Sportler 4 a childrens world and run the 900km to show our respect and help them.

Start, 02.06.16 in North Germany at Osnabruck’s town hall then run to Ahlstrom paper mill, one of the sponsors, continuing to Amsterdam, and further on from Newcastle to Lockerbie (lay a wreath in the name of all who lost their lives in the 1988 plane disaster over Lockerbie), meet up with action groups from Children 1st and run on to Kelso, Ahlstrom Chirnside paper mill, Greywalls Hotel in Muirfield, Children 1st Edinburgh, Cromlix hotel Kinbuck with the finish line in Glasgow. More information to the finish line coming soon.

Our target is not only to raise donations for Glasgow’s deprived children, but also to draw attention to their situation. Every single kilometer we run adds to this purpose. Children have a right to live in suitable conditions according to their age and needs, a right of dignity and happiness – and a future!

A child without childhood is like a rainbow without color. You know something wonderful and beautiful is missing, and it will keep hurting for a whole lifetime“. (John McGurk)

We are sincerely filled with gratitude that our Patron David McAllister and all our supporters and Friends in Germany and Scotland come together and send a special message of goodwill between both countries. In a time were the world is filled with sad and heart breaking news every little message of goodwill to help deprived children is always filled with hope and respect.

For more informations feel free to contact us.

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