It is not just recently that Clemens Lammerskitten and John McGurk got to know each other. But now their connection has grown even stronger. For the “Arche”‘s latest running project against child poverty in Germany, the delegate of the Landtag (originated in Wallenhorst) won charity runner McGurk from Osnabrück as an ambassador.

On occasion of the Reno Charity Run 2015, the Scotsman and his team from Sportler 4 a childrens world are going to spread all over the land the European Council’s – and Lammerskitten’s – idea of bringing to mind the scandal of child abuse. The project of the Straßburg politicians is named „One in Five“, meaning that throughout Europe one child out of five on average suffers sexual abuse. Lammeskitten is going to have send corresponding information material to the mayors of all cities that McGurk and his friends are going to run to on their tour through Germany next year. All mayors are supposed to welcome the group to their townhalls as ambassadors, hoping to raise people’s awareness of the campaign’s topic.

It goes without saying that McGurk immediately agreed as Lammerskitten asked for his cooperation. Eventually, as a child the Scotsman suffered abuse himself in an orphanage.

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He is perfectly aware that there is still much need of information and help concerning this topic, and his commitment is directed at children all over the world. Lammerskitten intends to welcome McGurk and his fellows on 20 April 2015 to the European Council in Straßburg, and send them running from there to Germany on the Reno charity run.

John McGurk and Clemens Lammerskitten

John McGurk and Clemens Lammerskitten