In Germany we all know the sentence: „Human dignity is inviolable.“ This is what is written in article one of the German constitution. In 2021, a team from sportler 4 a childrens world is set out to give back this dignity to the forgotten children in Scotland and Ireland.

Against forgetting

John McGurk heard about a mass grave in 2017, only 45 km away from his former children’s home in Dumfries Scotland. Over four hundred children are buried there. The name of many of them are still missing today. Further research led too Ireland. Many years ago, a horrific discovery was made in the village of Tuam, Ireland – a mass grave was found, in which 850 babies and small children from a nearby mother-child home were put into a septic tank.
What thoughts went through John’s mind and why it is s4acw’s priority to walk, run and cycle for these children is described by John in this unbelievable
report on Project 2021. (German version: Bericht-zum-Projekt-2021)

With this project s4acw pursues the goal to reach as large a public as possible. The children must not be forgotten – with all our strength and possibilities s4acw will help families and ancestors’ friends in both countries.

Through six countries

It starts on April 29th in the City of Peace, Osnabrück. Over the next six days and nights, the team will cover over 1,000 km on foot and by bike, crossing a total of six countries. In addition to the two mass graves, further milestones will be added over the next few months. On 5 May the team from s4acw will reach Tuam.

6 days and nights (April 29 – May 5, 2021)
6 countries (Germany, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland)
1 team (10-12 athletes from s4acw)
1 target (to give the children their dignity back)


DPatron David McAllister

The Member of the European Parliament is a long-time friend of s4acw. When John asked him if he would like to be our patron David immediately agreed. We are very pleased to have his support to work together to send a strong message of humanity in Scotland, Ireland and around the world. (Photo rights are owned by David McAllister)


All donations collected for the project wil be divided equally between the charities Childrens 1st in Scotland, for which s4acw was also on tour in 2016, and Mary’s Meals in Ireland. This will support needy children in Scotland and worldwide.

(Photos by Katja McGurk, who visited the mass graves together with John as well as Gertrud and Detlef Kösters)


IMG-20200918-WA0016     Die Historikerin Catherine Corless berichtet Gertrud, Detlef und John von den Geschehnissen in Tuam

The historian Catherine Corless tells Gertrud, Detlef and John about the horrific mass grave in Tuam