Over the next two years Sportler 4 a childrens world will raise money for children in more then 130 countries. Our professional partner in 2018/19 is SOS Children´s Villages International. The first chapter of our International Charity and Solidarity Run will bring us in 2018 to London, England.
01.06.18 – Town Hall Osnabrueck, Germany
At the start of the 750 km international charity and solidarity run from Germany to London the Lord Mayor of Osnabrueck will present sportler 4 a childrens world and John McGurk with a message of goodwill for the mayor of London. The team will carry this document with them from Germany.  They will run through the Netherlands, Belgium , France over to Dover and carry on running  through the night to London. When they reach the finish line they will proudly present the document to the Sheriff of London Mr. Neil Redcliffe on Monday the 4th of June at 3 pm.
Message of Goodwill
With this document from Osnabrueck we wish to show our solidarity and express our feelings with the victims and families of those who sadly lost their lives at the terror attacks exactly one year ago.
Laying down a wreath in London Bridge, 04.06.18 at 4 pm
From a far away distance last year we heard you crying and our hearts cried with you. I cannot express our feelings enough when I say, it comes from the very bottom of our hearts when we lay down a wreath to honour all the victims and families of the 2017 terror attacks. In the name of the German-British friendship we will gracefully read out the names of the eight victims respectively.
John McGurk


2017_OB mit Kette JPG W Griesert

Wolfgang Griesert, Mayor of Osnabrueck