Charity Run 2013/14: Enthusiastic welcome for Sportler 4 a childrens world in Brazil

After a 500-km run to Frankfurt International Airport and a 12-hour flight to São Paulo, John Mc-Gurk and his fellow runners finally proceeded to the eagerly awaited final stage of their two-year Brazil project on last Friday. At Bildungszentrum Volkswagen in the capital of Brazil, the starting pistol was fired for the 25-km run-in leading the runners through the center of the megacity (20 million residents) and towards the foundation of the Brazilian soccer legend Cafu.

Cafu was born and raised in the favela of Jardim Irene. Despite his fame as a soccer star remains faithful to his origins and has therefore originated sport and play projects in a school context for 700 children and adolescents so far. On the spot, John and his team handed over their donation of more than 80.000 €, collected “at a run” by s4acw during the past two years. A great project is hence greatly completed! The children and teenagers present at the event celebrated together with John and his team, showing music, dance and sport performances. Their joy expressed the meaning of Cafu’s foundation in their lives.