One World, One Dream – Peace
International Charity and Solidarity Run

Our Ambition:

We want to bring together people and their children from all over the world – regardless of the religion and culture they belong to.

Our charity partner in 2018/19 is SOS childrens villages, an international organization helping children in more than 135 countries around the world. To collect donations for needy children, Sportler 4 a childrens world (s4acw) is going to organize as many charity events as possible, as well as two international charity runs in 2018/19.

Our Idea:

We want to deliver a special message respectively to one SOS childrens village in as many countries of the world as possible. We want to show them they are not alone, and that each child is special. We want to encourage them to believe in themselves and in a better future.

For this reason, we want to invite them to accept two gifts from us:

  • A donation for their Village, giving them the possibility to fulfill some of their urgencies and to make necessary purchases (i. e. for medicine, education, materials or presents)

  • A written message from s4acw and John McGurk, who grew up in a children’s home himself. We want to give the children comfort and confidence, allowing them to look ahead happily & positively.

Our Project in 2018/19:

  • 2018 – 750 km Charity and Solidarity Run from Osnabrück to London

Start: 1 June 2018 (Town Hall of Osnabrück)
We are going to run non-stop through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England
Finish: 4 June 2018 (London Bridge)

Running through five countries, we want to set an example of solidarity for peace and against Racism and violence. Exactly one year ago, on 3/4 June 2017, a terrorist attack took place on London Bridge and in Borough Market, leaving behind eight fatalities and dozens of injured people. Therefore, we are going to lay down a wreath representatively to honor the victims, their families and for Peace and children in all troubled countries around the world.

  • 2019  Charity Run from Osnabrück to Innsbruck

Start: 3 June 2019 (Town Hall of Osnabrück)
We are going to run non-stop from Germany to Austria
Finish: 6 June 2019 Vienna at the head office of SOS childrens villages International.

On World Children’s Day, which takes place every year on 6th June, our gifts will reach the childrens villages in all 135 countries all over the world, and John McGurk’s and s4acw’s message os goodwill will be read out.

Our Motivation:

At the end, I, John McGurk, want to share some thoughts with you which are very important to me:

We are living in a time of fears, where ´only bad news is good news´. Images and news of terror and social inequality are constantly gaining more in importance. At the same time, the most important thing we have is sadly and frequently being forgotten – our children and a happy childhood.

A child without a childhood is like a rainbow without color. You realize something wonderful and beautiful is missing, and it will keep hurting for a whole lifetime.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: ´Everyone still has the strength to do what they are convinced of.´

We are convinced that with your help we can reach our target: to support childrens villages in more than 135 countries.“  (John McGurk)

Please, support us in bringing together people and their children from all parts of the world – regardless of the religion and culture they belong to.

Thank you
John McGurk and s4acw

Sportler 4 a childrens world e.V.
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49134 Wallenhorst

Donations account:
IBAN: DE85 2655 0105 4648 0240 00
Reference: „Projekt 2018/19“

Keynote: The project in 2018/19 is also supported by the foundation

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