Once more: John McGurk and his team running for the ARCHE in 2015

Under the slogan „We make things move!“, “sportler 4 a childrens world“ and „Die Arche“ are going to express their mutual friendship to a very special extent. “Arche” and “sportler 4 a childrens world” succeeded in converting the company Reno to act as main sponsor and name giver of the run, which is therefore […]

Charity Run 2013/14, Part 2: Brazil

Charity Run 2013/14: Enthusiastic welcome for Sportler 4 a childrens world in Brazil
After a 500-km run to Frankfurt International Airport and a 12-hour flight to São Paulo, John Mc-Gurk and his fellow runners finally proceeded to the eagerly awaited final stage of their two-year Brazil project on last Friday. At Bildungszentrum Volkswagen in the […]

Federal cross of Merit for John McGurk

Germany awards John with the Federal cross of Merit for his 23 years of honorary charity work. Helping poverty stricken children around the world or here at home in Germany has not only opened the eyes and hearts of the children but also that of the Nation, therefore it is not a wonder that […]

Charity-Run 2013/14,, Part 1: Sylt

Our two-year project is at half-time now. The 535-km-run from Münster/Osnabrück International Airport to Sylt ended successfully at the “Sansibar” on 8 June 2013. It was terrific, and not only for yielding 42,000 € in donations for street children in Brazil. Next comes our run to Frankfurt in May 2014, with a part of […]

Citizens Medal for John McGurk

Hello my dear friends, I was awarded the citizens medal of honor for my 21 years honorary work for needy children and for my Registered Association sportler 4 a childrens world. Thank you to my family, friends, s4acw and all my supporters. In the name of all the needy children. Thank you and God […]

1300 km for the Arche and the German Polish friendship

The start took place at the Airport Münster/Osnabrück on the 30th of May. John McGurk and his teammates ran this year more than 1.300 km to reach the Arche in Warsaw, Poland. Together with the foundation of Lukas Podolski, Germanys national team striker, sportler 4 a childrens world collected more than 54.600 € to […]

John meets the Scottish First Minister

This invitation from Lower Saxony Minister and S4acw-friend David McAllister was enjoyably accepted by John McGurk. On the 20th November 2013 David McAllister welcomed the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in Hannover. To extend this “meeting of the Highlander” McAllister invited John as special guest, whose commitment and deeds were appreciated by all present. […]

Running for peace in New York

Sportler 4 a childrens world e V and Germanys world famous two Towns of Peace, Osnabrück and Münster, come together to honor the 10th anniversary of Ground Zero. John McGurk and the two Svens running the NY Marathon 2011 and showing their respect at Ground Zero.

Mehr ist, wird man kaum noch cialis wirkung […]

Charity Run 2011 – Child poverty in Osnabrück

A central role of our actions in 2011 was in the regional area in collaboration with associations, companies, sponsors, friends and many supporters: support for children affected by poverty in Osnabrück. By running 24 hours around the city of Osnabrück, followed by 24 hours around the Rubbenbruchsee, we collected more than 55.000 € to […]

A chance for kids – World Cup 2010

A joint venture with the children’s organisation terre des hommes. 600 km charity run in Germany and a three day run from Limpopo SA to the German Embassy in Pritoria South Africa. This project has helped Aids orphans and endangered children.